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Student Reports

2011 European Open Championships


Padova - a historical city 30km west of Venice was this year's site for the European Championships. This tournament holds a significant meaning as the two top fighters from each category are automatically qualified for the World Tournament in Tokyo which will be held in November.

I was excited to be a part of this tournament as all fighters will be fighting to their capabilities in order to secure their places in the finals in Tokyo and expected good fights from each category.

Tohyama sensei and I left for the venue on a hot Saturday morning - the venue was only 5 minutes away by car

Outdoor Training 2011

The Adult's Class and Children's class, all gathered up at Baker Street Station 9:30am, on the 5th June. For some, it was their very first time to attend the Tohyama Dojo Outdoor Training. You could see that everybody was excited. Some seemed they could not keep still and wanted to head for Regents Park straight away. I was also looking forward to this day, where for once a year, the whole Dojo gets together in open space under the sky and concentrate on Karate for the whole day. The weather forecast for the day was not in our favor, but no one was concerned.

A Nice Stroll Around Paris

At the end of April, Tohyama-Sensei went to attend an international Kyokushin tournament in Paris (Bercy). This visit coincided with mine: I was interviewing for a future job in my hometown. Sensei informed me that he would be in town and we decided to catch up and enjoy being in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

I had the pleasure to welcome Sensei as he got off the train and after dropping his personal items at his hotel we started our little visit. We were lucky to have a very sunny and warm weather all through the day.

Internal Kata Tournament 4

If I could summarise this tournament in a few words, it would be the joy of watching growth - the growth of our dojo members and the growth of the tournament itself.

For most families of dojo members, the tournament may be the only opportunity to witness how much their children have improved in Karate. It was amazing to see someone who could not perform even a basic kata a few years ago showing great improvement.

The group of green belt teenagers were impressive, too. Despite the unexpected instruction given at the tournament, they performed well with a good spirit.

My Tournament Experience

"Tournament is like life. You either do it or not - this is the only thing you can choose to do. The rest - date, judges, opponents, venue - are all chosen for you." - Sensei Shuji Tohyama.

Once I have stepped in the Dojo May 2009, I knew it was my place. It's not that I haven't done Martial Sports before; this was my first Martial Arts Experience. I've started to developed skills that have complimented my inner self: focus, discipline, psychological strength and development, determination and control. A year on I am just starting to understand the beautiful meanings of all the above.