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Student Reports

Internal Kata Tournament 6

Students practicing their Kata lines up with Sensei Tohyama's call. On 5th of March 2012, 6th internal Kata tournament finally began. After a few words from Sensei, preliminary round for White belt began. Their Kata which they were going to perform was Taikyoku sono 1.

We could easily see how nervous they were as for most of them it was the first time that they were performing in a tournament. For preliminary round, it was performed in group of roughly 5-6 people and 10th Kyu performed Sokugi Takikyoku Sono 3. This Kata requires you to kick while moving during the Kata.

Next was 9th Kyu.

Kata Seminar 4

It was just after 10:30 a.m. when Sensei Tohyama commenced the session, the hall now filled with thirty expected participants. After a short warm-up, we started practising the first kata: Pinan Sono Ni. As usual, we did it with counts first and then without any (mogore). Sensei's detailed explanation of each movement's purpose and correct method of execution reminded me of myself nearly fourteen years ago, when, as a seven-year old, I still had an orange belt and was just starting to learn Pinan Sono Ichi.

Family and Friends 2012

In spite of a grey, cold and rainy weather, over 80 people gathered to attend this year’s Dojo training with family and friends. The large hall of the Finchley Dojo appeared pretty small with so many people in there. As the class started, the atmosphere was possibly more relaxed than during a normal training. However, people were clearly focussing and trying to listen and follow the instructions that were provided by Tohyama Sensei with the assistance of Ichi-san, together with the help of some adult students in the room, such as Yamamoto-san.

The warm-up part resembled what we usually do on

Kata Seminar 3

The Kata Seminar had indeed reached its third seminar.

The kata for today's seminar was Pinan Sono 5 and Tekki Sono 1. Having learned from the previous seminar, this time, everyone had turned up with plenty of time before the seminar and was focusing on stretching out and warming up their bodies to be fully prepared. All 26 Dojo students had gathered to attend the seminar. The atmosphere was tense from even before the seminar had started.

Having just achieved the 8th Kyu, Pinan Sono 5 and Tekki was a totally new kata for me.

1,000 Punches and 1,000 Kicks 2011

It was chilly morning in London. Yearly event at London Tohyama Dojo, 1000 punches and 1000 kicks took place.

This was my third attend to the event and I aimed to participate strong and concentrate more than last attend. Many dojo colleagues and seniors attended on the day and the atmosphere was great ñ calm but somewhat sharpness in the air.

We began with seiza and mokuso as we start keiko and started with 1000 punches.