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Student Reports

English Championship 2013

This year’s English Championship took place at Birchwood High School, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire on the 9th of March 2013. We gathered at the venue at 10am, mostly parents and kid students. From the adult class, only Ichi san, Matsumoto san and myself came. The venue felt pretty small, but well set up and the public had the chance to be very close to the mats where people performed.

At 11am, the Kata competitors got started. As often (should I say always), kids and women did extremely well as reflected by the award of 7 medals.

Internal Kata Competition 2013

It was a fine February day when we had our annual kata tournament. The day started off with our regular training sessions which is a good last minute check up of our katas. Sensei Tohyama always trains us to the last minute by giving us hints and tips which are all essential to perfecting our kata. A lot of students began to gather around 30 minutes before the start of our tournament, a good turnout was present with everyone preparing for the big event.

Preparation and cleaning up is an essential part of martial arts training and it is good to see how these basics have transformed into a

Christmas Party 2012

With one more month left for 2012, the beginning of the month started off with the Dojo’s Christmas Party. Everyone, including the parents of the Kid’s Session had been preparing for this day.

All parents volunteered in taking roles to prepare their wonderful homemade meals, supporting the children to practice their entertainment and in many ways to make sure the whole Dojo had a great time altogether.

As it has always been, after announcing the opening of the Party, Sensei Tohyama took to his position to greeting everyone (one by one) with a Christmas Card and gifts he had personally

Kata Seminar 7

The weather was scheduled to bring cold arctic winds near the Finchley Dojo but there was once again a heated and spirited feel as usual. The7th  kata seminar began at 2:45 after a mixed session which consisted of the adults, beginner and advanced classes. Therefore many people who would not usually attend these kata seminars were more open to coming in after the usual Saturday training sessions, especially people from the beginner class and the advanced classes.

The 2 katas which Sensei Tohyama would explain in detail were “Gekisai-Dai” and “Gekisai- Sho,” 2 katas which complement each

2012 British Championship


This year’s British Championship took place on Saturday the 22nd of September in the usual Hertfordshire location (Wodson Park Sports Centre, Ware). I had the chance to travel there in company of Ukita-sensei and Ivor. We gathered at the venue by 10am, many child students had already turned up with their parents. In addition to the few adults who came to compete, some additional Dojo members showed up to provide support to the fighters and Kata performers, in particular Ichi-san, Masumoto-san, Tsunashima-san and Matsugana-san. Soon after, everyone wore their Dogis and warm up started.