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Student Reports

Outdoor Training 2013

First of all, we all would like to say a big thank you to Tohyama Sensei for your precious time that was spent on the outdoor training session.

On the weather forecast of this day, it was shown that the weather will be likable compared to the last few years. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a great weather like what we were expecting but it was better than what we have been having for the last 3 years.

Like what we always do, we began the session with clearing up. Although it is not our usual dojo, it is still important to look after and thank of what we are able to get.

Kata Seminar 8

Learning kata on your own can make for a confusing journey. You mimic a series of movements, correct your stance, try to perfect your form. Eventually it might even look good enough. But if you had to explain the exact purpose of each movement and why they are performed in this specific order, you’d most likely be stuck for words. At least I would. Which is why I found attending a kata seminar a very enlightening experience.

First kata under scrutiny was Saifa.

12th European Karate Championship

Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy

Two weeks after a successful national tournament everyone was eager to see what the step up was compared to the English tournament in which we had participated and the day began with three time consecutive champion of kumite Aoi Fukushima trying to speak French at border control in Kings Cross St Pancras! As well as the Fukushima family, The O’flynn, Shirai, Onoe, Hanyu, and the Mochizuki family went to Paris on the 23rd of March and stayed to the 24th to experience two incredible events.

The first event which we were able to enjoy was the much anticpated

English Championship 2013

This year’s English Championship took place at Birchwood High School, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire on the 9th of March 2013. We gathered at the venue at 10am, mostly parents and kid students. From the adult class, only Ichi san, Matsumoto san and myself came. The venue felt pretty small, but well set up and the public had the chance to be very close to the mats where people performed.

At 11am, the Kata competitors got started. As often (should I say always), kids and women did extremely well as reflected by the award of 7 medals.

Internal Kata Competition 2013

It was a fine February day when we had our annual kata tournament. The day started off with our regular training sessions which is a good last minute check up of our katas. Sensei Tohyama always trains us to the last minute by giving us hints and tips which are all essential to perfecting our kata. A lot of students began to gather around 30 minutes before the start of our tournament, a good turnout was present with everyone preparing for the big event.

Preparation and cleaning up is an essential part of martial arts training and it is good to see how these basics have transformed into a