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Student Reports

1,000 Punches and 1,000 Kicks 2013


The final 2013 session for Tohyama Dojo was the 1,000 Punches and 1,000 Kicks event. Unlike normal training sessions, this session was far more a showcase for the discipline of the class as a cohesive group and a demonstration of our willingness to push ourselves beyond our comfortable limits than a typical class would be. The session was well-attended.

After some initial stretching, we began the count for 1,000 seiken chudan tsuki. The two most important things were to always keep the correct form and the correct count.

Christmas Party 2013

Our first Saturday of December started off with Dojo's Christmas party. Many people, including parents of the Kid's Session spent their precious time preparing for this day. Parents volunteered to prepare dishes for the Christmas Party whilst children were busy preparing entertainments.

As usual, party started off with a word from Sensei Toyama then Sensei signed Christmas cards one by one for every students who turned up. Not only that Sensei gave all of us a word of advice for next year and a set of sweets for us to enjoy.

9th Kata Seminar


The Tohyama Dojo 9th Kata Seminar took place on Saturday the 26th of October and was attended by approximately 20 students. The focus was on two Katas: Pinan Sono 1 Ura and Tensho. Although these Katas are of quite senior belt levels, 5th Kyu for Pinan Sono 1 Ura and 2nd Kyu for Tensho, it was nice to see many junior students turning up. In addition, it was noticeable that some effort had been made to try and learn some of the basics of these Katas in preparation for the day.

We first started with Pinan Sono 1 Ura and Sensei focused his explanations on the Ura movement, as for all of us,

GB Championship 2013

This year, the Kyokushin GB Weight Category Championships were held on Saturday, September 21st 2013. While there were over 150 competitors attending with strong teams from Spain, France and Poland as well as from England, London Dojo was ranked second. Children training here won several medals, both at kata as well as kumite. This was an excellent result and both the fighters as well as the instructors, Sensei Shuji Tohyama and Sensei Ryuji Ukita, deserve the warmest congratulations!

Despite winning the second position at the championship, London Dojo was the true winner in many senses.

Family and Friends 2013

I would like to start off by saying how impressed I was by the number of people attending the open day with family and friends session, the large hall used in this lesson was almost full.

First of all, we started off by the 'Mokuso' which basically means 'Meditation' in Japanese. By doing this it helps us to get ready and to concentrate for the training.