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Student Reports

Wrapping up 2009 with 1,000 Punches and Kicks

The final training day for 2009 at Tohyama dojo was full of heat and energy, enough to melt the snow and icy conditions which London has been experiencing over the past week.

At around 12:30, dojo members started to gather at the big hall warming up for the big event, "1000 punches and kicks" which is the tradition at Kyokushin Dojos in Japan performing at the end of seasonal events, such as the end of year.

Getting In The Christmas Spirit

For the fifth year running London Tohyama Dojo celebrated a Christmas party, which was held on 5 December at St. Mary's Hall in Finchley. Tohyama Sensei positioned himself at the front of the hall with stacks and stacks of Christmas cards, that he wrote for every individual dojo member, and handed them over with a short comment on attendance and karate skills/improvements. Sensei generously gave away gifts such as Japanese snacks and biscuits.

Meanwhile, at the back of the hall, parents unfolded tables and unwrapped a huge amount of marvelous sushi, onigiri, sandwiches and cakes!

9th European Kyokushin Tournament

It was rainy weekend in Paris where European Tournament took place this year. Venue of the tournament was at outskirt of Paris, Porte d'Orelans.

19 European countries participated in the event. Atmosphere was fantastic as each participant fought to represent his/her country. Families and friends of hosting and visiting countries were cheering. Arena was engulfed with burning concentration but friendly and good atmosphere.

I arrived at the venue in the afternoon.

Eating Out with Tohyama Sensei

Last year's Christmas Party Raffle Ticket winner Shoichiro went to dinner with Tohyama Sensei! They went to one of the best Japanese Restaurant in London called "JINKICHI". The kitchen chef Mr Tsuji used to train with Tohyama Sensei at Kyokushin Dojo in Japan back in 1985! Here is the comment from Shoichiro.

Osu! Getting the food eating token is great. I had eaten TONKATSU (2 portions) and some of the Sensei's PORK & GINGER FRY.

Training in Japan

Well, it's not the trophy I'm holding, which was won by Sensei Mori (in the picture with me) when he became the Japanese Middle Weight Champion two years ago. (His dream came true three weeks after this photo was taken when he became the World Middle Weight Champion. Congratulations, Sensei Mori!).

My dream was far more humble than his--- to train at a dojo in Japan.

I was born in Japan but did not start learning karate until I settled in the U.K. Every time I heard about dojos in Japan, my wish grew to undertake training in the mother country of karate.