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Student Reports

All German Championship 2015

This September two boys from the dojo went to Bremen for the German Open.

After a flight the night before Aoi Fukushima and Masami Mochizuki got ready to compete on Saturday. After Masami failing to qualify for the kata, Aoi warmed up for his category of kumite 12-13 under 45kg. He showed precision and power in his techniques and his training was evident as he was able to win all of his fights, winning his category. In the kumite 16-17 over 65 kg category Masami managed to win his first match with a jodan mawashigeri.

London Dojo Summer Seminar 2015

Our annual Kyokushin Summer Seminar took place at Finchley dojo on 4th July this year. This was an important session in order to learn and improve on our techniques, but also to show what we have learned and how much we had improved since the Summer Seminar last year.

First of all, we started by learning about the ancient forms of karate which is quite different compared to the karate we learn about today. The key difference between the two is that the ancient forms of karate were used in order to protect people such as your friends and family.

English Championship 2015

This year’s English Championship took place at Birchwood High School, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire on 21st Mar 2015.

Firstly in kata, Tohyama dojo won 9 medals. We showed stable katas based on the high quality of the usual training we have been doing. Congratulations to Yuya, Tadhg, Masaya, Masami, Momoko, senpai Riku, senpai Shoichiro and senpai Pierre.

About 150 fighters entered in kumite. Our dojo members got 13 medals! The kids who took part in the tournament for the first time fought particularly well.

Internal Kata Competition 2015

Our annual Internal Kata Tournament took place on the 7th February at Finchley Dojo in which many of the dojo members took part in. We had prepared the one kata which each belt was set with beforehand and it was our chance for us to show Sensei Tohyama what we had practiced.

Five minutes before the tournament, we began by laying the chairs out into rows and preparing for the start of the tournament. We were then gathered together to receive instructions from Sensei Tohyama, to begin the annual kata tournament.

1,000 Punches and 1,000 Kicks 2014


The final session for Tohyama Dojo this year was the annual 1000 Punches and 1000 kicks. This was an important session in order to show Sensei Tohyama what we have learned and how much we had improved since the 1000 Punches and Kicks last year.

First of all, we were given some time to stretch to help us prepare for the session both physically and mentally. Then we began our 1000 Punches, but after a few hundred punches, we lost count so we started over. Then we lost count again and again, three times in total.