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Student Reports

1,000 Punches and 1,000 Kicks 2017

The 1000 punches and 1000 kicks has usually been a good indicator to show how far the club has come. This year there was an evident jump in concentration and performance compared to last years’ event making it perhaps the most successful dojo event in recent times.

On entering the Dojo, there was a change in atmosphere with students from white belts to brown belts warming up so they were ready to train straight away. While in prior years there was a tendency to lose count and start again, everyone seemed to be very switched on and the 1000 punches were completed without any need to restart.

British Summer Camp 2016


This year’s British Summer Camp took place on 15-17 July in the north of England, near Matlock. Members of Dojos from across the UK gathered to attend this three-day event hosted in a very nice countryside location. From the Toyama Dojo, Romeo, Antoine and myself took part. 

We were honoured to be taught by highly ranked instructors over a total of seventeen hours. Shihan Daniel Lorente Spain IKO branch chief, was this year’s guest instructor. Shihan Daniel is an outstanding teacher who trained world-class champions including Sensei Alessandro Navarro.

Having the chance to be taught

1,000 Punches and 1,000 Kicks 2015

Kyokushin is about presence. Both physical and mental. It's most likely to be the only actual thing we can have a conscious decision about: to be present or not.

This Saturday we've been given the opportunity to present ourselves, examine ourselves, wonder, convince, enjoy and occasionally hate ourselves in the forms of Seiken-Chudan-Zuki and Chudan-Maegeri for kyokushinkai up to 6th kyu (yellow belts) and jodan for the more senior ones. We had the opportunity to do it 1000 times. Or more. Depending on how well we focused on the count. Or focused on our technique.

Christmas Party 2015

The Lonodn Tohyama Dojo's annual Christmas party took place in Finchley dojo from 13:00-18:00.

First we ate foods and deserts which our parents brought. We had Chinese food, Salad, fried chicken, hot dogs, cakes and a lot of other delicious things.

Then Tohyama sensei called all the under 13s. He gave great advice to everyone and he gave grading awards, belts and stripes to those who had passed their grading test. Then sensei signed the cards and did the same for the over 13s.

The performance started at 14:30. Firstly the Choir of Acton dojo (including me) sang Christmas songs.

British Open 2015

This Fall/Autumn we have participated in the British Open Tournament, which took place in Woodson Park Sport Centre Ware, Hertfordshire on the 10th of October. We have trained, concentrating on the tournament, from the past few months and in my opinion I think that we had a nice result on the tournament. It was the second time I participated in this tournament and I was still very nervous and shaking, however it wasn’t bad at last.

To start with, on the kata tournament, we have won 5 medals, including 3 golden medals.