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Oscar Fichelson’s 10th birthday BBQ

July 21 2018

Saturday 21 st July 2018 was the last training for the Saturday class until September 1 st . It also was a chance to celebrate a number of things: Oscar Fichelson’s 10 th birthday, Pierre Fichelson’s shodan grading success, a farewell for Kenshi Kamitani and a visit from Milan from former students of the Yamaguchi family.


As it was the final class for a month and the first after the grading, it was a good chance for students to reflect on their training of this half of the year by doing all the Kihon, Ido and Kumite training in an extended class which allowed students young and old to take part in all aspects. After the class, Sensei stressed the importance of continuing training during summer either at home or in the adult class on Monday and Wednesday which is open for children in the summer.


Later in the evening, the dojo met in new Shodan Pierre Fichelson’s home for a summer barbeque. There was an incredible spread of food prepared by the Fichelsons for all to eat. Pierre’s son Oscar, who has been training for three years and has been part of the dojo family for much longer celebrated his 10 th birthday with a large array of presents from everyone. The event also luckily coincided with a visit from the Yamaguchi family who have continued to train Shito-Ryu Karate in Milan. Although it was only a weekend visit, it was good to see Masaya, Teruya, and Yuuya back with the other kids who they had trained alongside with. Unfortunately, it was the last day of Kenshi Kamitani, an esteemed student for many years, as he has to return to Japan. Kenshi has been an incredible role model for both children and adults and we hope him the best in Japan.


Overall, it was a good night for reflection for the first half of this year and a good chance to unwind and celebrate a number of things. A huge thanks to the Fichelson’s for organising such a successful event and for Sensei’s support for this half of the year, especially for the grading. Finally, we hope for the best for Yamaguchi family and the Kamitani family and hope they keep training hard in Italy and Japan respectively.



Masami Mochizuki