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London Dojo Summer Seminar 2015

July 4 2015

Our annual Kyokushin Summer Seminar took place at Finchley dojo on 4th July this year. This was an important session in order to learn and improve on our techniques, but also to show what we have learned and how much we had improved since the Summer Seminar last year.

First of all, we started by learning about the ancient forms of karate which is quite different compared to the karate we learn about today. The key difference between the two is that the ancient forms of karate were used in order to protect people such as your friends and family. The karate we learn today is more adapted so that we can fight and defend ourselves more effectively. As Sensei Tohyama taught us, if we are fighting to protect someone close to us, we can generate more power and become as much as three or four times stronger.

At first we were all in disbelief, however Sensei Tohyama showed us an example where one person tried to push a line of people with all their might and obviously, they did not even budge. Afterwards the same person simply held hands with a child smaller than them and tried again. This time, to our surprise, the line of people was pushed back significantly. Sensei Tohyama then explained to us that this power comes to us almost instinctively when we know that we need to protect someone. The important point of this technique is to be able to use it whenever we want, not just to use it at specific times. To do this we all require much more training and concentration.

After learning about the ancient forms of karate in detail in the space of roughly two hours, we moved onto Kihon, the basic training, then the Idou Geiko, then finally the Kata. We had more time than the usual hour and a half, so we were able to go through all of our techniques in more detail. From this we all realised how much concentration we usually lacked and were able to greatly improve on our techniques thanks to Sensei Tohyama.

We finished the session by having a party where we played games and asked Sensei Tohyama some interesting questions. We all had a great time thanks to all the hard work put in by our parents, in terms of organising the party and preparing the food.

Finally I would like to thank Sensei Tohyama for all his time and efforts put into teaching us and the students who were involved in this year’s Summer Seminar.


Yuro Takeda