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English Championship 2015

March 21 2015

This year’s English Championship took place at Birchwood High School, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire on 21st Mar 2015.

Firstly in kata, Tohyama dojo won 9 medals. We showed stable katas based on the high quality of the usual training we have been doing. Congratulations to Yuya, Tadhg, Masaya, Masami, Momoko, senpai Riku, senpai Shoichiro and senpai Pierre.

About 150 fighters entered in kumite. Our dojo members got 13 medals! The kids who took part in the tournament for the first time fought particularly well. Well done to all kids who entered and congratulations to Kenzo, Yuzuki, Tsubasa, Teruya, Tadhg, Yuya, Masami, Yuro, Momoko and senpai Riku.

In the Men’s knock down light weight category, there were great matches. One thing worthy of special mention is the final match which was Vladimir-san vs. Martins-san. It was a fabulous match indeed. They fought courageously and did their best.

In my case I, Aoi, fought against Yuya for the final. We practiced very hard every session so that we could fight in the final as our goal. As a result, I couldn’t win even though I did my best. We had a close match, but I think the cause of my defeat was the difference between our fighting spirits. Even though I kicked him many times, he never went back and kept going forward. This made it very difficult for me to keep my distance.

I was very disappointed but also it was the best match I ever had. I will practise harder for the next tournament. And if I could have a chance to fight with Yuya in future, then I want to beat him!

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to sensei Tohyama, sensei Ukita, my family and a lot of people who supported me.


Aoi Fukushima