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Christmas Party 2015

December 5 2015

The Lonodn Tohyama Dojo's annual Christmas party took place in Finchley dojo from 13:00-18:00.

First we ate foods and deserts which our parents brought. We had Chinese food, Salad, fried chicken, hot dogs, cakes and a lot of other delicious things.

Then Tohyama sensei called all the under 13s. He gave great advice to everyone and he gave grading awards, belts and stripes to those who had passed their grading test. Then sensei signed the cards and did the same for the over 13s.

The performance started at 14:30. Firstly the Choir of Acton dojo (including me) sang Christmas songs. Kai and Kota played piano solos: "In my life"&"Nowhere men". I was nervous and I am sure everyone else was too. However we all enjoyed singing.

After the choir, Masahiro, Momoko and Aoi performed a K-POP dance which was created by a Korean girls group. I was shocked to the core how amazing Momoko's dance was and I was surprised how girlish Masahiro and Aoi's dance was! They nearly looked like girls

Then, we played guess who? We all laughed and enjoyed it. There were many famous people except Euro star.

Next, Chika showed us how to do an Irish dance wonderfully. We had to copy her moves. Tohyama sensei, Kana san and Kaori san were the judges and the top mark was out of 10 each. The winner was Keith san with 28 points because his Maekeage and start & end positions were fabulous.

After that we all participated in a true or false quiz. The winner was Momoko. It was lots of fun. The mum's hand wrestling event was exciting because my mum was in the final against Yuga's mum. Yuga's mum won and then she wrestled with Tohyama sensei.

Tohyama sensei told us about the power to see what you won't be able to see and having an awareness of the time. Kris san who was 3rd in the world tournament (senior categagory) and was taught by Tohyama sensei arrived with his family. He gave sensei a present. We had a question time. I asked which dojo sensei enjoyed the most. Sensei 's reply was that he enjoyed all of the dojos he went to. I decided I would try my best same as I did in Tohyama dojo after we are going back to Japan.

After that the stocking wrestling has come. The winners were Kris san and me. This was so fun because when we put on the stocking the face get weird! At the end of the party we played pass the parcel and everyone enjoyed it.

We have to say a huge thank you to Liam, Masami and Yuro because they MC'd the Christmas party. And also Tohyama sensei, parents and all who participated in the party.


Tsubasa Fukushima