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British Open 2015

October 10 2015

This Fall/Autumn we have participated in the British Open Tournament, which took place in Woodson Park Sport Centre Ware, Hertfordshire on the 10th of October. We have trained, concentrating on the tournament, from the past few months and in my opinion I think that we had a nice result on the tournament. It was the second time I participated in this tournament and I was still very nervous and shaking, however it wasn’t bad at last.

To start with, on the kata tournament, we have won 5 medals, including 3 golden medals. I believe that this result was due to our trainings that we did ,concentrating on the katas sometimes, and due to the great helps and advices from sensei Tohyama and our senpai. However I do think we could have done a bit better, because some of us including me didn’t perform their best quality kata compared to our usual kata. In my case I kept on going in a high stance after I felt the big pressure on my back. However overall I think our dojo did well. Congratulations to Nate, Masami, Momoko, and Riku.

After the kata, the kumite started straight away. Everything went quick in this tournament, as there weren’t as much fighters this time. Overall, our dojo did well in kumite. Particularly, I would straight away say that Liam’s fight was brilliant and also an interesting match to watch. During the match, Liam was really concentrated and because of his trainings he did whilst he was absent, for a few months, he had a very strong body that led to him humiliating his opponents. On his last match he beat his opponent with a powerful shitazuki in the stomach, making his opponent slightly jump, which led to his victory in kumite. Also I would like to say congratulations to the following winners, Tsubasa, Kenzo, Yuzuki, Tadhg, Liam, Momoko, Yuro, and Masami. All together we did a great job in the kumite tournament gaining 9 medals.

In my turn, I did, win amongst 4 of the members that came, however I think the reason I won is partly because I had the advantage in height. Because of my height I was able to kick my opponents’ head easily with power, which is probably to reason that led to my victory. Therefore I think I would need to be able to fight opponents both smaller and BIGGER without difficulty. So I would need to start to train for those things too, by practicing my jodan mawashigeri and stretching to get a flexible body, as sensei Tohyama mentioned (pointed out) I have a stiff body and could lead to easy injury. (Which actually do often happen to me)So during the rest of the year I have these things to do.

At last, after finishing the tournament, I think we did a great job, especially in kumite. I would like to highly appreciate Sensei Tohyama for his teachings and support, Sensei Ukita for some of the match refereeing, all of our parents that supported us making lunch and all those helps as well as our senpai that gave us advices although they didn’t come to the tournament. Again, a big thanks especially to Sensei Tohyama.


Masaya Yamaguchi