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All German Championship 2015

September 12 2015

This September two boys from the dojo went to Bremen for the German Open.

After a flight the night before Aoi Fukushima and Masami Mochizuki got ready to compete on Saturday. After Masami failing to qualify for the kata, Aoi warmed up for his category of kumite 12-13 under 45kg. He showed precision and power in his techniques and his training was evident as he was able to win all of his fights, winning his category. In the kumite 16-17 over 65 kg category Masami managed to win his first match with a jodan mawashigeri. However, he struggled in his second match to a larger opponent and lost, yet still securing a respectable second place. After this, the two boys watched the adults category to look at more kumite to see other people's techniques.

Although it was a successful tournament by securing medals for both competitors, there is still a lot to learn and improve on for not only the next tournament in October but for our karate training in general.

The next day Masami, Aoi and his brother Tsubasa went back to the University sports centre in Bremen for the seminar taught by Shihan Wakiuchi. The detailed session by Shihan Wakiuchi started by him addressing everyone how to seiza and bow properly. After this he continued by thoroughly teaching us each of the punches, blocks and kicks in the kihon training, showing us the most effective ways to use our bodies. Everyone was stunned at the flexibility and speed of Shihan Wakiuchi's kicks. He continued to shock us in the hokyo training by showing us body conditioning techniques such as press ups on the second knuckles.

In the idou training Shihan Wakiuchi showed us different variations of techniques we had never done before. Finally, in yakusoku kumite, he showed us many more movements for kumite for tournaments and for other situations. A good example of this was when we had one person kneeling whilst the opponent attacked. This was to demonstrate how to be ready for an attacker in any situation.

During the seminar he spoke of his training with Sosai Oyama when he was a disciple which gave us a great insight on Sosai Oyama which made the experience invaluable.

A special thanks must first go out to the parents who came all the way to Germany to support us. Also I would like to thank Shihan Wakiuchi for the incredible seminar and the special training we received. We must also thank Sensei Nakahata for helping us with the seminar and for organizing the whole weekend. Finally, I would like to thank Sensei Tohyama for all of his efforts in our training before the tournament and the advice he gave us during the tournament. Hopefully we can all improve from what we have learned in the weekend.


Masami Mochizuki