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1,000 Punches and 1,000 Kicks 2017

December 16 2017

The 1000 punches and 1000 kicks has usually been a good indicator to show how far the club has come. This year there was an evident jump in concentration and performance compared to last years’ event making it perhaps the most successful dojo event in recent times.

On entering the Dojo, there was a change in atmosphere with students from white belts to brown belts warming up so they were ready to train straight away. While in prior years there was a tendency to lose count and start again, everyone seemed to be very switched on and the 1000 punches were completed without any need to restart. Perhaps the mixture of nerves, concentration and a renewed confidence from a year's hard training was a decisive factor in this year’s success.

Onto the kicks. Before count 1, we were told to try and imagine defeating 1000 opponents properly, again with the prerequisite of not losing count. While this time there was one small mistake which had meant there was a need to start over, the kicks were executed at a high level with higher grades consistently kicking “Joudan” (head height). The kicks had finished before the scheduled finish time of 3 pm.

While this event was indubitably one which can be said to be a remarkable success, there are still many gaps for improvement. While the increase in concentration helped us keep count, as a Dojo we still need to try and make sure that every single attack is effective as the strain of 1000 attacks meant that some of the movements were not as sharp as they could have been.

Sensei finished the training by giving every one of his students a Christmas card and congratulated the class. He also reflected on the class itself and gave us an important lesson on how to use our time wisely, teaching us to either concentrate 100% or not at all. I believe this lesson is something which all of us can take on not only in the context of Karate but in our daily lives too.

Although there was a decrease in participation compared to prior years, this event was a tremendous success and one which everyone can be proud of. Indeed, there were still gaps for improvement but this will serve to be a reason to train even harder, so we can get closer to a perfect 1000 punches 1000 kicks.  


Shoichiro Mochizuki