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1,000 Punches and 1,000 Kicks 2015

December 19 2015

Kyokushin is about presence. Both physical and mental. It's most likely to be the only actual thing we can have a conscious decision about: to be present or not.

This Saturday we've been given the opportunity to present ourselves, examine ourselves, wonder, convince, enjoy and occasionally hate ourselves in the forms of Seiken-Chudan-Zuki and Chudan-Maegeri for kyokushinkai up to 6th kyu (yellow belts) and jodan for the more senior ones. We had the opportunity to do it 1000 times. Or more. Depending on how well we focused on the count. Or focused on our technique. Or fist, or final twist, stance, hiza, chusoku, breathing, shoulder, lower back, sweat on the floor, kiai, colleague, sensei and the joy of the technique's improvement seconds before the count stopped.

1000 Punches and Kicks took a toll in our lines. A very positive one. One can, now, again enjoy newly uncovered physical and mental limits and re-evaluate him or herself in face of forthcoming events. I am convinced everyone got a bit better than was yesterday!

Romeo Riacz